Texas A&M has now faced two of the best teams in the nation and lost to them both. While that was predicted by nearly everyone entering the 2018 season, it’s clearly not what Jimbo Fisher would have predicted heading into his first season as Aggie head coach.

If you missed the closing moments of Texas A&M’s 45-23 loss to Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Fisher called a timeout with seconds remaining in the game. The home crowd was not satisfied, booing the decision of the Aggie coach. The game was clearly decided at that point of the contest but Fisher doesn’t believe in coaching that way and he’s trying to instill to his players that that won’t be the way they will play for him.

Here is what Fisher had to say during his post-game press conference when asked about taking the timeout.

“Trying to score points. The game isn’t over. You play the next play, Fisher said. “Why would you not? If you can score points, you play. So you tell your kids to go play every play hard, give everything you got, and you’d let the clock run out? That ain’t what competitors do. That ain’t what Texas A&M’s gonna do. Texas A&M’s gonna play until the horn blows! That’s the way you teach it, that’s the way you coach it, that’s the way you are. Don’t talk intangibles and then not live it.”