The Texas A&M Aggies recently landed the top spot in Forbes’ ranking of the most valuable college football programs, recording $148 million in revenue and $107 million in profit last year.

That’s a big step for the Aggies, as in-state rival Texas is often the team at the top of the Forbes list.

As you can see in the video below, new A&M coach Jimbo Fisher joined “Golic and Wingo” on ESPN this week and discussed the honor for his program:

“I think it means dedication,” he said. “I think it means resources. I think it means athletics is very important. But as you know from A&M, everything here is very important. It’s a top-20 institution in the country. The people and the culture and the environment are ridiculous, as far as their love for the university. But also that they invest in their kids. They invest back into the university for the kids to have personal development, academic development and athletic development.”

As long as the Aggies win under Fisher, A&M could remain at the top of this list for years to come.