Jimbo Fisher has been the head coach of Texas A&M since 2018. In that time, he has never played Texas.

In fact, the Longhorns and Aggies haven’t met on the gridiron since 2011 — the year before the Aggies left the Big 12 for the SEC.

Much to the chagrin of almost everyone in Texas, the 2 schools haven’t been able to iron out their differences and get the rivalry back on track. But, on Wednesday at SEC spring meetings in Destin, Fisher said he’d welcome having the Longhorns on the schedule every year:

No scheduling model has been decided, but it seems likely that, whatever the league decides, some top rivalries will be preserved.

Will the Aggies and Longhorns be yearly foes once again? We’ll see what happens when Texas and Oklahoma join the league in a couple of years.