There are several national title contenders that are off to rough starts this season. Among them, Clemson, which has lost twice already, and Ohio State, which fell to Oregon.

But ESPN analyst Joey Galloway puts Texas A&M in a position as a team that has fallen short of expectations following a loss to Arkansas on Saturday.

“Texas A&M was a team that we expected to be a little different at this point in the season,” Galloway said on College Football Live. “And they have a lot of games left, but to see the way they’re playing their games, I don’t think they’re very physical up front on their offensive line.”

Galloway said the Aggies ascended into the contender conversation last year because they had the ability to run the football.

“They became a more physical team that could lean on their run game,” Galloway said. “Now you have a young quarterback that wasn’t your starter in (Zach) Calzada, he needs that run game to lean on. They got it going for a split second against Arkansas and it looked like things were going to change, and then they couldn’t sustain it. Until they can do that, A&M will be a team that I don’t think can get over the hump, but that’s a team that I expected to be better.”