Buzz Williams is a fantastic basketball coach. That’s indisputable.

However, coming into this year at Texas A&M, many in the media (including myself) thought this would be a lost season for the Aggies. Instead, A&M has gotten better as the season has progressed, and gave Kentucky a battle on Tuesday night in College Station.

After Kentucky’s hard-fought 69-60 victory, coach John Calipari offered his praise to the job Williams has done at A&M:

Williams took over a team in turmoil and has them at 14-13 overall and 8-7 in SEC play. No, that isn’t going to get the Aggies to the NCAA Tournament, but that’s a huge improvement from what they were projected to do.

And, considering this team lost to Harvard and Fairfield in nonconference play, they’re miles better than they wre at the beginning of the season.