Johnny Manziel has been playing in the Fan-Controlled Football league recently, but he knows that’s not a path back to the NFL.

In fact, he’s apparently moved on from the game of football and is focusing on a different sport moving forward.

During a podcast appearance this week, Manziel said he’s setting his sights on becoming a professional golfer (via Sporting News):

“I’m giving myself 12 years to try to play professional golf,” Manziel said on the “Green Light Podcast.” “I’m gonna grind this out and see how good I can get and see if I can’t enter in some tournaments, and see if I can’t try and go play professional golf eventually. I think it is a very uphill battle, but that’s what I’m setting for my goals. I have 12 years to try and make a PGA Tour event.”

Many famous quarterbacks are good golfers. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers all play. Tony Romo is a great golfer.

Manziel said he’s a 0 or a 1 handicap, so it wouldn’t be crazy for him to improve over the next 12 years and land a spot at a PGA Tour event.