Johnny Manziel may not need long to adjust to the AAF. The newest member of the Memphis Express is familiar with the playbook, according to co-offensive coordinator Bobby Blizzard. The pair met on Sunday night and hit it off instantly.

“I mentioned the type of offense I ran, shouted some of the terminology I use, and his eyes lit up,” Blizzard told The Alliance’s Dylan Rubino. “He was calling out the plays before I even said anything. I looked at coach (Mike) Singletary and gave him a thumbs up.

“He probably knew 75-to-80 percent of the offense before he even took a snap at practice.”

Manziel will be the backup to Brandon Silvers when the Express takes on the Birmingham Iron Sunday, but Blizzard is confident the former Heisman Trophy-winner will be ready if called upon.

“I think he’s ready right now, just because he knows so much of our offense right now,” Blizzard said. “He’s building chemistry already with the weapons we have and the offensive line. He’s familiar with everything that we do. If he gets in the game, I will call a play that he’s familiar with.”

One of Blizzard’s plays reminded Manziel of a highlight from his Texas A&M days.

“I got to have a good, firm foundation of what this offense is,” Manziel said. “There’s plays in our playbook right now that are exactly the same as the game-winner that I threw against Ole Miss. All across the SEC, I ran these plays successfully.”

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