From the NFL to the Canadian Football League to the Alliance of American Football, former Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel has had quite the journey through the professional football world.

As the 2020 season approaches, many are wondering what is next for the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner.

Speaking with, Manziel said this weekend that he doesn’t anticipate returning to a football field in a professional setting:

Ask Manziel where he considers his football career at this point, and you get a refreshingly candid answer.

“In the past, probably, is the way I’d characterize it,” Manziel said, leaning forward and without a moment’s hesitation. “I’ve finally got to a point where I’m trying to achieve happiness in life, not happiness on the football field.

“I know a lot of people probably want me to come back and play and give it another chance, but I don’t know, as far as being a person and figuring out life as a young adult — trying to make it and figure it out — if I’ve ever been in a better place than I’m in right now. I can honestly say I’m happy and I’m doing the right things to try and put a smile on my face every day, and that means more to me than going out and grinding on a football field.”

Manziel is only 27, so he still has time to change his mind, but for now, he seems content to hang up his cleats and focus on golf and his other interests.