Johnny Manziel is officially done with attending Pro Day events.

The Texas A&M legend participated in the Aggies Pro Day after attending the University of San Diego Pro Day event last week. Each time, Manziel likely drew extra attention to the events, thereby helping the prospects at each school potentially get discovered by a new scout or talent evaluator at the NFL level.

Following A&M’s Tuesday Pro Day, Manziel said he is done with attending the events. He also noted the complete 180 from the culture in College Station under Jimbo Fisher.

“It was a lot different, last time was a circus,” Manziel said after the event. “We had a President here (George Bush Sr.), it was nuts. We had music playing and it was a big ordeal — I was in shoulder pads and a helmet. This (Pro Day) wasn’t about me, it was about the guys. It was a lot more relaxing.”

As for grading his performance, Manziel came away pleased with his efforts.

“I think it worked out really well,” Manziel continued. “This was a win-win situation for everybody… I thought it went really well.”

He then said that if no NFL team gives him an opportunity to play this fall, he will happily accept an opportunity to play in the Canadian Football League.

In a video posted to Twitter by Brent Zwerneman of the Houston Chronicle, Manziel offered up his thoughts on his final Pro Day appearance: