Let it be known that Johnny Manziel misses Texas A&M.

Not the school part, of course, but his teammates and Kevin Sumlin.

“I miss those guys in the locker room,” Manziel told Cleveland.com. “I miss Coach Sumlin. I think it’s fair for me to say that I miss college life, but this is the decision that I made. And I knew very well going into the draft last year that it was going to be different for me and going to be a time for me to grow up. That’s the path I chose.

“And if I wanted to stay in college and sleep in and go to class and horse around like I was doing the past couple years, then I should have stayed.”

The egocentric Cleveland Brown rookie and former Heisman winner isn’t the same player he was last season with the Aggies when he spent his time dodging defenders and beating defensive backs on his way to 4.873 total yards and 46 touchdowns as a sophomore.

Manziel’s role is much different as a pro.

In fact, he’s not playing at all.

A second-teamer behind Brian Hoyer, Manziel’s thrown one pass and appeared in only two games this fall. He’s still adjusting to the professional lifestyle and lack of closeness with fellow players.

“It’s just different,” Manziel said. “Guys (in college) can come in with a 25-person class that you’re with there for four or five years. Here you get a different mix of rookies coming in. It’s a little smaller class. Everybody here goes home to their families.”