When it comes to his college football career, Johnny Manziel’s lifestyle is brought up alongside his on-field achievements.

Manziel’s Halloween as Scooby Doo produced a viral photo even with Twitter years away from peak popularity.

On the Ball Don’t Lie podcast, Manziel recently recounted his 2012 Halloween adventures.

The podcast posted a brief clip to Twitter where Manziel adds some details to Kliff Kingsbury’s recollection of Manziel’s wild Halloween.

“I may or may not have pulled the old ‘my alarm clock didn’t work’ the next day,” Manziel says. “Kliff Kingsbury, being the OG that he is, already knows what it is. He’s too hip to the game to not know that I’m (expletive) big doggin’ it, sending it around town the night before. He had a guy who was our offensive assistant at the time. He would come to my house and literally scoop me out of bed and throw me over his shoulder and throw me in the front of his truck and drive me to the facility.”

Manziel continued, recalling how his partying caught up to him at practice.

“I remember this one day I’m running out, outside the indoor and puking my ass off and coming back right before the first snap of offensive four plays. It’s crazy that I thought this mindset that I played better the harder I partied.”