WFAA Channel 8, which is an ABC television affiliate in Dallas, is reporting that Johnny Manziel’s ex-girlfriend said that he threatened to kill both her and himself in an altercation that drew a visit from the police in the early hours of last Saturday.

But in spite of what turned out to be some pretty disturbing allegations, ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that the Dallas police won’t be charging Manziel.

However, that doesn’t rule out the possibility of Ft. Worth police taking action.

The report says that the incident involving Manziel and ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley escalated to the point that the former Heisman QB committed actions that could be considered both verbal and physical assault.

It reportedly started with an argument between the former couple in Manziel’s hotel room.

When she tried to leave the scene, she claims that Manziel would not let her go.

That’s where the details get gruesome, according to WFAA’s report:

“I was crying and begged the valet, ‘Please don’t let him take me. I’m scared for my life!'” she told police. The valet reportedly told her, “I don’t know what to do” and let Manziel leave with her.

Sources say Manziel then drove her about a half mile to her car which was parked near the Concrete Cowboy bar off Cedar Springs Road. She claims she jumped out of the car and tried to hide from Manziel but he found her in some nearby bushes.

“He grabbed me by my hair and threw me back into the car and got back in himself,” she reported told police. “He hit me with his open hand on my left ear for jumping out of the car. I realized immediately that I could not hear out of that ear, and I still cannot today, two days later.”

The report continues detailing Manziel’s attempt to drive Crowley to her apartment in Ft. Worth, at which point she reportedly tried to calm him by telling him that she loved him.

She says at that time Manziel “started laughing” and then reportedly yelled at her to “shut up or I’ll kill us both.”

She says they finally made it to her Fort Worth Apartment where the argument continued.

The conflict continued when they arrived, with Manziel allegedly breaking her phone and her attempting to defend herself.

“I was in my kitchen so out of fear for my life, I pulled a knife out of my knife block and advanced toward him,” Crowley told police.

“He ran out of the apartment,” she said. When she saw him in the parking lot, she said she banged on a neighbor’s door and screamed for help. Manziel fled on foot, she told police.

While this is just one side of the story according to the news station’s sources, it is safe to say that this will warrant further investigation.

If the allegations are true, it is becoming increasingly clear that the former Texas A&M QB is in need of some serious help.