Former Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel is looking for a new football opportunity, but the pickings are slim.

The former Heisman winner flamed out in the NFL and has recently been banned from the CFL. He also played for the AAF, but it collapsed shortly after he signed with a team.

Now, it looks like the new XFL, which is set to kick off in 2020, may be his last chance. On Saturday, Manziel said he’d be very interested in the XFL if the opportunity presents itself:

“Yeah, I have interest in continuing my football career in whatever capacity that is,” he said. “I think opportunities will present themselves moving forward and I’ll look at that and make a decision for what’s best for my family. At the end of the day, I’m 26 years old sitting here today and I want to continue to play. I have a drive and a passion to still play. Whatever opportunities present themselves, I know I’ll be ready for. I’m just waiting and being patient.”

Whether or not Manziel will be allowed in the XFL with his checkered past remains to be seen, but he would certainly be a huge draw for any team that chose to sign him.