It’s been a rough week for the Manziels.

The former Heisman Trophy winner was officially barred by the CFL Wednesday, and now, his wife, Bre Tiesi-Manziel, is being accused of cheating at a half marathon. Tiesi-Manziel is an Instagram and fitness model. She boasts over 363,000 followers on the platform.

Andrew Joseph of For the Win had the scoop:

She recently participated in the Run Like A Diva half marathon in Temecula, Calif. And finished the race with a time of 1:58:22 with zero training, according to her. Via the Houston Chronicle, the average time for a woman running a half marathon is around 2:19 and a pace of just over 10 minutes per mile.

Tiesi-Manziel’s average of 9:09 per mile would be impressive but not unheard of — the problem for her came after a look at her mile-by-mile splits.

Tiesi-Manziel hit the six-mile mark at a time of 1:31:29 (a 14-minute mile pace). Her 11-mile update was missing, but she managed to reach the finish line at 1:58:22 along with her running partner. For this to be possible, Tiesi-Manziel would have needed to run the final 6.7 miles at a pace of four minutes per mile.

Four minutes per mile would be a world-record pace.

Per DeadSpin, it’s possible Tiesi-Manziel actually skipped a portion of the half marathon either on purpose or by accident, because of a modification. Nonetheless, she fired back at critics on a now-deleted Instagram story, calling the accusations “sad and pathetic.”

She shared photos from the marathon on Instagram: