Kyle Allen or Kenny Hill?

The Great Texas debate will wage on until Kevin Sumlin names a starting quarterback, and Sumlin is expected to do just that by Saturday.

“I’d look for us to name somebody this weekend,” Sumlin told the SEC Network on Thursday. “We’ve got to get moving, and get the starter used to playing with the No. 1s and really get the game snaps. We’ve got a big scrimmage (Friday) night, and after that we’ll sit down as a staff and make some decisions, and go from there.

“We’ve challenged our offense, because whoever is going to play is going to be a young guy,” Sumlin said. “Kenny played a little bit last year, and Kyle is a true freshman – so whoever the starter is, is going to be young. It’s incumbent on the other 10 guys on the field to make our offense quarterback friendly.”

Regardless of which quarterback is named the starter, he’s stepping into a system that allows passers to have immediate success. To add to that, the Aggies boast one of the country’s top offensive lines and one of the deepest backfields in the conference.

Allen or Hill will be walking into one of the country’s toughest venues in South Carolina’s Williams-Brice Stadium on August 28th.