Texas A&M survived a scare last weekend, edging out Nicholls by a score of 24-14 in College Station. Despite what head coach Kevin Sumlin is selling, he recently said he likes the mental makeup of his squad, it’s clear his team is still hurting from the season-opening loss to UCLA.

The Aggies have another week to get things corrected before entering SEC play in two weeks and will host Louisana this weekend.

Here’s a summary of what Sumlin had to say during the latest SEC Coaches Teleconference:

  • I think the way we finished the game last weekend was an improvement over how we did the week before.
  • How different are day games? You get used to playing at different times in this league because TV dictates that. I think for players and coaches, it helps that we get there several hours before the game. It’s all about the matter of approach. For some players and coaches, it’s a little bit better.
  • What makes Louisiana’s special teams so special? They have a great scheme, have elite production so far this year. They have dynamic return guys. The scheme is one thing but the returners are good, too. It’s a combination of those two things.
  • What impact will it have moving Chief moving down to the field? We’ll see. It’s something we talked about this offseason. Being on the sideline he thought would help. The impact is season long, it’s not one game or two, it will be for the season.
  • What’s the story behind the sideline celebratory baton? I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I think everyone has a thing they use. We’ve all seen the trash can, we have a turnover can, too. It’s for excitement and emphasis, just a tool that creates excitement.