Kevin Sumlin on Tuesday addressed questions about how to deal with pressure of being a head coach in college football.

As he put it, basically, coaches know what they are signing up for when they take over a job at a major university.

Criticism, scrutiny, displeasure — it all sort of comes with the territory.

Today’s coaches are different than coaches in the past, as there is much more coverage on them via social media, television, etc. That’s probably part of the reason that many of them don’t keep jobs for as long as they used to.

Fans get fed up quicker, and sometimes, many of them take it too far. Sumlin should know as well as anyone what it’s like being on the hot seat. He received a disgusting, racist letter from a “fan” earlier this year.

Since his team blew a 44-10 lead to UCLA in Week 1 (lost 45-44), Sumlin’s Aggies have won five of their last six games, with the only loss coming to No. 1 Alabama.

Here’s what Sumlin had to say to reporters on the “volatility” of his profession:

Sumlin realized it is on him to control the story:

As Sumlin and other coaches know … Just win, and all is well.