Quarterback Kyler Murray made a “final decision” to transfer from Texas A&M on Thursday.

According to ESPN’s Gerry Hamilton, the Murray family has confirmed both the decision to transfer and the restrictions placed on the freshman as conditions of his release from the program.

Hamilton reports that the Murray family was told that he cannot transfer to another SEC school, nor any school that is a future opponent of the Aggies.

Those terms appear to be very similar to the terms given to fellow QB Kyle Allen, who decided to transfer from Texas A&M as well last week.

Hamilton does bring up an interesting point about Murray’s situation that is unique:

However, National Letter of Intent rules state that once an athlete signs with a school, they must remain at that school for one academic year. Texas A&M could release Murray from his NLI, but it is at the school’s discretion. If he is not granted a release, Murray can appeal. If an appeal is denied, enrolling in another NLI program would result in a penalty of one year of eligibility.

Two things that are worth noting about Murray as he makes his decision on where to play next:

He is an excellent baseball player that decided to forgo a chance at the MLB draft to come to Texas A&M, and he strongly considered attending Texas during the recruiting process.

Texas is not on the future schedule for the Aggies.