A lot has changed in football over the last few years, from rule changes limiting what defensive players can do to targeting to wide-open offenses.

However, on Wednesday, Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher named a different area of the game he thinks has changed the most.

As you can hear below, Fisher joined ESPNU Radio on SiriusXM and said he thinks the kicking game has changed more than anything in recent years:


“Everybody talks about throwing the ball and all the rules, you know what I think has become the greatest position that has improved more than any position in football?” Fisher said. “I think it’s kickers and punters. I think the kicking game and how well people kick the football today — look at the distances they’re going, look at their accuracy. Look at our guy, Braden (Mann) — he’s going into games averaging 58, 59, 60 yards a punt.

“How guys deaden the ball inside the 10. It used to be you did the coffin corner and the ball would roll out. Now, guys are doing the Australian kick and they get it up there and they deaden it. The kicking game, to me, and getting kick returns and punt returns — the hang time kids are getting today — it makes it tough.”

Fisher has a good point, and the return game will likely change even more over the coming years. It’ll be interesting to see how kickers and return men change their games to adapt.