Many were shocked to see Texas A&M have No. 2 Clemson on the ropes late in the fourth quarter in Week 2. Jimbo Fisher looks to have his program on the right track just after two games in College Station, and the ole Head Ball Coach isn’t surprised in the slightest.

During an appearance on College Sports on SiriusXM, Steve Spurrier said that Texas A&M should expect a quick rise to prominence with their new coach.

“Jimbo Fisher stepped into a gold mine at Texas A&M,” said Spurrier. “Now think about it, a stadium that seats 110,000 I think, they come, they pack it. They got more money I think than anybody in the nation. They’re in the state of Texas, they’re going to recruit, and recruit and recruit close to Alabama style. And now they got a guy that’s telling the players, ‘you’re good enough to win,’ win the SEC, win nationals and go from there.”

“That could be a dangerous ball team out there just because of all the resources they got to win big. Jimbo and Dabo (Swinney) of course have played each other a bunch of times, and I heard Dabo say that actually Texas A&M had more four and five-star players than Clemson had going into that game!”

You can listen to Spurrier’s comments here, courtesy of @SXMCollege on Twitter: