Possible expansion in the Big 12, which currently has 10 teams, has been discussed at length this offseason, and it came up Monday on The Paul Finebaum Show when one Big 12 reporter argued Texas A&M should not have left for the SEC.

Brain Davis, a Texas beat writer for the Austin American-Statesman, suggested that if the Aggies had stayed in the Big 12, they would be better off and might have won a conference championship.

Texas A&M’s move to the SEC for the 2012 season has been seen as a huge success for both parties. TAMU’s presence helped introduce the SEC brand and the SEC Network into the second-most populated state in the country and its major television markets. The Aggies have successfully used “play in the SEC” as a sales pitch on the recruiting trail in the Lone Star State.

While on the show, Davis also stated if the Texas A&M job were to open up, he knows which in-state coach would jump at the opportunity.