Jimbo Fisher might need to have a talk with his recruiting department after a Louisiana high school called out the Aggies for a postage mishap.

“Thank you to Texas A&M for recruiting North Caddo Football. However, with all due respect I will not be paying for your postage,” coach JJ Kavanaugh of North Caddo Magnet High School in Vivian, Louisiana, wrote on Twitter.

Although Kavanaugh didn’t point it out, the other issue on the letter may be that it had a generic label for the “head football coach.”

Many of the headlines in recent months have been about the Aggies’  No. 1-ranked recruiting class highlighted by 8 recruits who were 5-stars coming out of high school. Obviously, Texas A&M had enough organization and checks and balances to lure that much talent to College Station, and this is simply a correctable oversight.

Fisher has also fired back at critics of his recruiting class who have said some kind of fund has fueled endorsement deals for the Aggie recruits.

“There is no $30 million fund. There is no 10 million, there is no five million. This is garbage,” Fisher said, via the Associated Press. “It pisses me off. … To me it’s insulting to the players that we recruited that that’s why they would come here,” Fisher told reporters. “You ever been to a game here? You ever come to school here and see the education? You ever talk about the 12th Man and the Aggie network when you’re done? There ain’t a better university in this country.”