Matt Barrie and Paul Finebaum talked Sunday on the future of Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher after what has been a nightmarish season, something Barrie described as a “disaster of a season.”

Barrie said that if he were the athletic staff, the biggest question he would ask is “Can we come back from this?” The Aggies are 4-7 and just 1-6 in conference play.

Finebaum then said that he doesn’t know if you can call anything next year a success unless the Aggies are in the playoffs competing for a national championship, something that feels very out of reach for the team at this point.

Finebaum also said he doesn’t see how Texas A&M can get to that point with its current offensive scheme.

Finebaum closed by saying that the issues won’t be solved from hiring a new offensive coordinator, and that the transfer portal will be very telling for the team.

“What does Texas A&M hold on to,” Finebaum said. “Because whatever the projections show today may not be the same when we get to that signing day.”