Mike Elko did not want to single out any one quarterback after Saturday’s spring game. While no one player was addressed, he spoke positively about the group and the depth for Texas A&M.

When asked about the group of Marcel Reed, Jaylen Henderson and Conner Weigman, Elko said he’s currently happy to have 3 guys with experience. It’s a luxury entering the 2024 season. Of course, that assumes all 3 remain with the Aggies through the spring transfer portal window.

“We’re certainly not going to put any detail into that. Happy, I’ve said this up here a bunch. I’m happy that we have three quarterbacks. There’s not a lot of programs across the country that have three kids that can go out there and operate an offense effectively right now,” Elko explained. “With the way people are shifting and moving and going all over the place, it’s a luxury to have three kids who have had very productive college football games on your roster.”

“Hopefully, we can continue to do that and get into the fall the same way. But I think we’ve evaluated a very large group of plays over the course of spring, for a lack of a better way of saying that. But I think that’s what the evaluation as a quarterback more than just the spring game.”

Performance in the spring game

Spring game numbers are always worth taking with a grain of salt, but Reed threw the first touchdown pass of the game for the Maroon team. He found Noah Thomas on a short route in man-to-man coverage with a nice throw in the corner of the end zone.

Thomas would show out again with an impressive connection with Henderson. A beautiful corner route to the back of the end zone was pure with Thomas even fighting through a penalty to haul in the pass. The pass by Henderson was also perfectly placed in the face of pressure.

Last season, all 3 of those QBs appeared in at least 3 games. Weigman was off to a strong first part of the season as the starter with 979 yards and 8 touchdowns and just 2 interceptions until an injury against Auburn knocked him out for the rest of the year.

Max Johnson would see a lot of time after Weigman’s injury, but Henderson did have a pair of games with 260+ yards, including 294 yards while completing 71.4% of his passes in a loss to LSU. Reed had a big role in the bowl game against Oklahoma State with 361 passing yards and a rushing touchdown in the defeat.

As Elko says, having 3 guys of that caliber is a luxury, especially after the injury to Weigman derailed his season in 2023. We’ll see if he can keep that group together in this era of portal movement, but it’s currently a bright spot and a key factor to the 2024 season.

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