Every offensive Tampa Bay Buccaneer is getting asked some version of the questions “What are your thoughts on playing with Tom Brady?” this offseason. Recently, it was former Texas A&M standout Mike Evans’ turn to share his answer. The topic came up on an Instagram live chat with Evans and ex-Buc, former Florida Gator wide receiver Louis Murphy.

“Bro, you played receiver, bro. Obviously, I’m excited,” Evans told Murphy when asked about Brady.

Evans made it clear he wasn’t pushing for Jameis Winston’s exit.

“Like, Jameis is my dog,” Evans said. “That’s going to be my bro forever, right? That’s going to be my bro forever. Like I wish him nothing but the best. Look, he’s been my quarterback for as long as I’ve played football. He’s been my quarterback for five seasons. My rookie year, he was still in college. I played with Josh (McCown) and Mike G(lennon). I liked them, too. But I’ve been with Jameis for five seasons. The most of my career. I played with (former Aggie) Johnny Manziel for two seasons. But I’ve known him for three. So (Winston) has been the most I’ve been with as far as at quarterback, so I’m always going to have love and respect for Jameis. I think he’s a hell of a player.

“If we didn’t get Tom? Then obviously we were going to keep Jameis. I don’t know for sure. I’m the GM. I’m not a coach. Obviously, I wanted Jameis back because that’s my bro.”

After making his affection for Winston clear, Evans shared more thoughts on Brady and Rob Gronkowski coming to Tampa Bay.

“The opportunity to get Tom Brady. Like, that’s Tom Brady, bro,” Evans said. “Like that’s the greatest of all-time. He’s a franchise changer. Like he’s about to change the franchise. Like, ticket sales are going through the roof. Like prime time games. And he understands the game of football to nobody else understands that level besides the greats and it’s going to be great to work with him, you understand what I’m saying. The young receiving corps we got, the tight ends we’ve got, we’ve got Gronk coming in…it’s going to be great for the city. And it’s going to be just great overall. Hopefully, we have a great season, everybody stays healthy and it pans out the way we want.”

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