The likely top pick in the upcoming 2017 NFL Draft apparently is not fond of criticism. For all the incredibly impressive attributes former Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett possesses, poise in the face of seemingly fair criticism from a well-respected former player turned media member apparently isn’t among them.

Garrett was scheduled to join ESPN’s Mike & Mike radio show Monday morning but things appear to have changed with Booger McFarland co-hosting the show. McFarland was sitting in for the show’s regular host Mike Golic during the Monday program. McFarland apologized to the show’s fans via Twitter upon learning of Garrett’s decision to back out of the program.

According to Ryan Glasspiegel of the Big Lead, McFarland went on to explain his thoughts on Garrett during the show.

“I haven’t always seen the athleticism turn into playmaking ability on the football field, nor have I seen the physicality. To me, that’s the one question I have. So, in a day and age where we’re all watching the Combine saying, ‘Hey there he is, he’s the number 1 pick, best player ever,’ I’m just a little hesitant. And I always take a step back — because I’ve seen the guy play football — he is a tremendous athlete.

“But being an athlete doesn’t make you a football player. Ask Mike Mamula, who tore up the Combine but couldn’t break an egg in the NFL. I’m not saying Myles Garrett is gonna do that, but I just look at the tape — and the tape never lies, Greeny — and the tape has said that although he is a tremendous athlete, I just wonder how much does he love playing defensive line and being hit and the collisions that take place time after time. The tape says he’s been hesitant to do that over the last couple years.”

These comments echo that of SDS senior writer John Crist, who argued the Cleveland Browns would be wise to select Jonathan Allen over Garrett with the No. 1 overall pick in order to best avoid drafting another potential first-round bust.

Instead of joining the show and combating these narratives, Garrett may have decided his best course of action was to avoid it all together. It will be interesting to see if this narrative is something that sticks to Garrett with the upcoming draft inching closer and closer to reality.

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