Paul Finebaum was on ESPN Radio this morning with Keyshawn Johnson and Max Kellerman. Very quickly the conversation turned to Jimbo Fisher and his struggles this season at Texas A&M.

If there were any questions about Fisher being on the “hot seat”, Finebaum quickly squashed them.

“This is his fifth year, in the offseason, his bosses, and we would all love to have bosses like this, gave him a new contract and a raise,” Finebaum said. “The buyout, should he be fired is $90 million. Essentially Jimbo Fisher is his own boss. He does whatever he wants.”

Finebaum continued with this zinger.

“His predecessor, Kevin Sumlin, was fired with a better record than Jimbo Fisher has now.”

Finebaum does bring up that Fisher had the best recruiting class in the country last season and the general belief with recruiting classes is that they really begin to pay off the second year that the class is on campus. By that metric, maybe the Aggies will be a different team in 2023.

But as it is there might be tough sledding for Texas A&M for the second half of this season. Still with a buyout approach 10 figures, it appears that Fisher is very safe in College Station.