Paul Finebaum hasn’t been shy about taking shots at a disappointing Texas A&M squad so far this season.

After a loss at Mississippi State on Saturday afternoon, the SEC Network host had coach Jimbo Fisher in his crosshairs.

As you can see below, Finebaum recapped the week of college football with ESPN’s Matt Barrie, quipping that Jameis Winston is the only reason Fisher still has a job:

“Somebody texted me yesterday during that game one of those riddles, ‘What’s the difference between Jimbo Fisher and Gus Malzahn?’ And the answer is Jameis Winston,” Finebaum quipped. “You take Jameis Winston out of this guy’s arsenal and he may not be a head coach right now. That’s how important Jameis Winston was. The good news for A&M, if there is any good news after this weekend, and I’ll come back to that, is that the schedule gets very easy and manageable, but so what?

“Next Saturday night (at Alabama) will be the third loss of the season, and you can manufacture 8-4 or 9-3 or — I don’t know where they’ll end up — but that is not what A&M is paying for.”

Indeed, Texas A&M fans had much higher hopes for 2022 than 3-2 through 5 weeks. If the Aggies lose at Alabama this coming Saturday and fall to 3-3 overall, tensions will rise even higher in College Station.