As expected, The Paul Finebaum Show on Friday featured wall-to-wall coverage of the news of the week concerning Texas and Oklahoma reportedly moving to the SEC.

One sidebar storyline of that major news, which has enveloped the world of college sports, is how it affects Texas A&M, which of course 10 years ago moved to the SEC at least in part to get away from the shadow of Texas, and be the only SEC school in the state. After some references to how the Aggies were informed or not about the realignment talk with the SEC, Finebaum set the record straight with a serious tone after a conversation with Austin American-Statesman columnist Kirk Bohls.

“I will take exception to one thing that he alluded to there,” Finebaum said. “It is my opinion, it’s more than an opinion, it’s based on talking to various people close to the situation, that the commissioner of the Southeastern Conference did not blindside Texas A&M. I want to make that very clear. I know how Greg Sankey operates, I’ve watched him very closely as all of us have, and I find it to be virtually impossible to believe that the president of Texas A&M, the chancellor, was not in the loop.”

Finebaum added that it’s possible that Chancellor John Sharp may have kept the information to himself and not told Athletics Director Ross Bjork, or anyone else.

“This story was contained,” Finebaum said. “As of a week and a half ago, this story was hopscotching around to various people, and the SEC knew it was out there, and their concern wasn’t that it would get out, they knew it would get out. Their concern was that it would blow up right in the middle of Media Days, and the reason they were concerned about that was this is an event that celebrates the programs every day, the players, and when it happened, it just overshadowed everything.”