The Texas A&M Aggies have made quite an investment in former Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher, giving him a 10-year contract worth $75 million.

Making matters even more interesting for the Aggies is the fact that the deal is fully guaranteed, so the Aggies won’t be able to get out from under it anytime soon should Fisher struggle.

So, do the Aggies regret anything about the massive contract? According to Texas A&M chancellor John Sharp, yes, there are regrets, but not for the reasons one would think.

In fact, Sharp said, the only regret is that the deal isn’t for 15 years:

That’s a lot of support for Fisher, who led the Seminoles to the 2013 national championship. There’s a lot of excitement in College Station now, and Fisher is the reason.

Whether or not he lives up to his massive deal remains to be seen, but the Aggies will need to see some major improvements in the next few years to keep the good feelings going.