Recently, Texas state representative Lyle Larson introduced a house bill that would have required the Texas A&M Aggies’ rivalry with the Texas Longhorns to return to the gridiron every year.

However, it appears the state government won’t be forcing that game to come back any time soon, based on news out of Austin on Tuesday.

Per a report from The Texas Tribune, the bill did not make it out of the committee, so it won’t receive a hearing in front of the full group of representatives:

A bill that would bring back the annual game between Texas A&M University and the University of Texas at Austin did not make it out of committee, missing a critical deadline for it to become law.

Monday was the last day for House committees to report legislation to the full House. But state Rep. Lyle Larson, a San Antonio Republican, said he never asked for a hearing on House Bill 412. Rather, he said, his true intention was to jumpstart a conversation between the schools about the “viability of starting to play the game again.”

So, for now, it doesn’t appear anything is happening on the rivalry front, but perhaps someday the two schools will meet again on a football field.