Following Saturday night’s thrilling seven-overtime game between LSU and Texas A&M, a damper was put on the Aggies’ party when a person from their sideline allegedly punched LSU analyst Steve Kragthorpe, who has Parkinson’s.

That sent LSU staffer Kevin Faulk into a rage, as he was caught on video throwing punches back at the person in question.

Now, it appears the culprit has been identified. According to, the person who punched Kragthorpe is coach Jimbo Fisher’s nephew, Cole Fisher:

Obviously, that’s not a good look for Jimbo or Cole, and we’ll have to see how the Aggies address the situation, if indeed it is proven that Cole was the culprit as reported.

Cole Fisher is not a staffer for A&M, but he was credentialed to be on the sideline during the game.