Believe it or not, Johnny Manziel’s NFL return attempt appears to be gaining some legs.

Returning from last week’s NFL Combine, Sporting News NFL draft analyst Eric Galko had an interesting nugget on the former Texas A&M Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback in his latest article. Galko, who notes that the combine presents an ideal opportunity to talk with scouts, coaches, and personnel, said he believes two NFL teams could take a flier on Manziel.

Here’s what Galko specifically had to say on the subject:

I believe in the Johnny Manziel return hype. Two teams I’d watch out for as possible training camp destinations: Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints.

While it’s doubtful Manziel has any shot at starting in the NFL anytime soon, the two destinations make sense in that regard. The former Aggie won’t be pushing Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees for playing time but would be able to learn from an experienced Super Bowl MVP in each city. Not only that, but each club features a head coach known for their ability to develop the quarterback position.

Should Manziel land a training camp spot with either team and earn at the very least a practice squad spot, he would have the ability to patiently sit for a season or two and receive the maturing he failed to get in College Station or Cleveland. Considering where Manziel was a year ago, easing back onto an NFL roster may just prove to be the best move possible for the 24-year-old quarterback.

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