Ross Bjork is Texas A&M’s athletic director and has wasted no time defending his coach, Jimbo Fisher, against claims made by Alabama’s Nick Saban.

Saban accused Texas A&M of “buying” its 2022 recruiting class, which was the top-rated class of all-time.

Well, Bjork isn’t going to stand for comments like that. Per Sports Illustrated’s Ross Dellenger, Bjork has already reached out to SEC commissioner Greg Sankey to say Saban violated the league’s sportsmanship bylaws:

Per the Sports Illustrated article, Bjork didn’t hold back in his criticism of Saban:

“I don’t know why Nick Saban would say what he said except he’s threatened,” Bjork tells Sports Illustrated. “There is a saying … an emperor who loses their dynasty lashes out. He seems to be making excuses.

“This is personal. Coach Fisher views this as a personal attack on his integrity and on Texas A&M’s integrity,” Bjork continued. “To have personal attacks, to say that the only reason A&M is [recruiting well] is NIL money is wrong.”

With SEC spring meetings coming up in Destin soon, the heat is sure to continue to simmer between Fisher and Saban. We’ll see what sort of punishment Sankey and the league offices hand down, if anything, from this kerfuffle.