The Southeastern Conference made a tough decision on Thursday, shifting toward a conference-only, 10-game schedule that signaled the cancelation of several historic in-state rivalries and some big-time non-conference matchups scheduled for the 2020 season.

While the league decided to move in this direction, there are still many questions that need to be answered in the days to come.

The main question on the docket — which games will be added to the SEC schedule for 2020?

The league has made it clear that the eight SEC games already on the schedule for the 2020 season will remain in place. The SEC also plans to keep the division structure in place, with each division winner meeting in Atlanta on Dec. 19 for the 2020 SEC Championship Game.

However, according to Texas A&M Ross Bjork, just because we already know eight of the 10 SEC games on the schedule for each team’s upcoming schedule, that doesn’t mean the dates or locations of those games will remain the same.

For example, Texas A&M and Arkansas are in the process of moving their upcoming game from Arlington’s AT&T Stadium to College Station.

Here is what Bjork had to say when asked if Texas A&M’s current order of SEC opponents will be staying the same.

“I would say right now we need to anticipate that it, it’ll look completely different,” Bjork answered. “So, we know what it looks like as of yesterday. I’m not sure what the rhythm will be, I don’t know who will open up with, I don’t know if we’ll open up at home or on the road.

“We really have no idea, literally, we have not seen the models of what that looks like. We only know that we’ll play the eight games that were already scheduled. In what order, and then how the other two are? We have no idea.”

So when will the SEC announce the 10-game schedule? While he was unable to provide a definitive date or timeline, the Texas A&M AD offered up his feelings on when the SEC may announce the 10-game schedule.

“And I think, to answer your other part, hopefully by, we do have a conference call, a Zoom meeting here at 10:30,” Bjork continued. “I don’t anticipate us seeing models at 10:30 but we have another call next Tuesday and another one next Friday. I think by next week, we’ll have a good sense of where we’re headed.”

So there you have it, the ADs around the league know about as much as the casual fan when it comes to the official 2020 SEC schedule.