The Texas A&M Aggies have had a couple of games postponed due to a COVID-19 outbreak in their program, but they’re still one of the best teams in the SEC.

There’s still a good deal of debate about where, exactly, the Aggies should be ranked. With a win over Florida head-to-head, should they be ahead of the high-powered Gators?

On Saturday’s SEC Football Final on the SEC Network, analysts Chris Doering, Gene Chizik and Roman Harper weighed in. Chizik has the Aggies at No. 6 in the country, behind Florida. Doering has them No. 5, ahead of the Gators. And, Harper has A&M at No. 4, also ahead of Florida.

Those rankings sparked quite the debate about the Aggies and QB Kellen Mond:

Chris Doering: “The biggest thing about them (Texas A&M) is they will be playing on December 12 and December 19. They’ll be able to leave a lasting impression.”

Roman Harper: “Head to head matchups count. So, Texas A&M is above Florida, no matter how great Florida looked lately. I understand, but Texas A&M one-on-one, they (Florida) lost. Florida is able to get in if they are able to upset Alabama in the SEC Championship Game.”

Gene Chizik: “Let me say this about A&M. I think A&M is definitely ascending, but the sporadic quarterback play is the reason to me that they are still at No. 6 until I can see more consistent play.”

Chris Doering fired back and interrupted Chizik: “Sporadic quarterback play from who?”

Chizik: “From Kellen Mond.”

Doering: “He’s been awesome!”

Chizik: “Consistent quarterback play. Consistent. That means …”

Doering: “Who are the most consistent quarterbacks right now then?”

Chizik: “Kyle Trask and Mac Jones. It’s not even close.”

Doering: “Okay, I’ll take Kellen Mond at No. 3. You don’t think?”

Chizik: “I’m just saying over the test of time. So, you’re the one every week who says, ‘I don’t know who A&M’s going to be.’ They’ve been better the last couple of games, but I can pull out the recording of you saying it.”

Doering: “He’s been asleep for the last month, because we’ve been talking about how great A&M’s been. Defense is getting better. They’re running the football.”

Chizik: “I need to call up the producer to pull up some old shows. … A&M getting better over two weeks doesn’t mean you’re going to be better over six.”

We’ll see what the AP Poll voters decide to do with the Aggies later today.