A big turning point in the Texas A&M-Clemson game came when Aggies wide receiver Quartney Davis’ fumble was ruled a touchback.

With Texas A&M down 28-20 and driving in the red zone late in the fourth quarter, Davis got the football knocked out of his hands as he was approaching the goal line. The ball squirted out and through the end zone … at least, that was the call on the field. It did appear the ball may have gone out of bounds before reaching the end zone, but the officials did not reverse the call on the field after a review. Clemson then received the ball at the 20-yard line.

The Aggies would end up getting the football back and scoring to climb within two points but failed to covert the two-point conversion. The Tigers then recovered the ensuing onside kick to end the game.

All weekend, talk ensued about the play, and SEC Shorts took a hilarious approach to the controversial call. And it’s pretty much how every Texas A&M fan is feeling at this point. Well done.

Sure, Texas A&M lost to Clemson, but the Aggies earned national respect for their play and toughness. Jimbo Fisher is going to make the SEC West even tougher very soon.