Texas A&M was the subject of this week’s SEC Shorts following Jimbo Fisher’s firing on Sunday.

SEC Shorts depicted a handful of Texas A&M fans talking to a fortune teller after Fisher was hired at Texas A&M back in 2018.

The group asked the fortune teller how many national championships Texas A&M would win under Fisher, and he was honest about his unfortunate answer.

“It’s a little awkward for Baltar, but you put the coin in so Baltar is legally obligated to give you an answer,” he said. “You guys just promise to be cool okay? It’s zero.”

The group of fans then asked the fortune teller if they at least make the national championship, CFP or SEC Championship, and he once again shares the heartbreaking news.

As the Texas A&M fans question the fortune teller about their unfortunate future, he takes a shot at Tennessee fans too.

“You all sound like future Tennessee fans,” he said. “They thought they were going to be safe this week.”

The group of fans then asks the fortune teller why Fisher was able to win a national championship at Florida State but not at Texas A&M.

“It turns out Jameis Winston was carrying those teams a little bit more than we thought,” he said. “What was in those crab legs?”

But the fortune teller assures the group it isn’t all bad. He sites the 7 overtime win over LSU, the win over Alabama and Fisher’s final game, a 51-10 win over Mississippi State.