The SEC has never had much love for former ESPN talking head Colin Cowherd, and one team now has another reason to add him to their hate list.

Cowherd, now with FOX Sports, called Texas A&M “the most underachieving program in the country” during a segment in which he questioned Myles Garrett’s legitimacy on Monday.

The snippet comes from the video simulcast of his daily radio show, and the pundit didn’t pull any punches. He mentioned that Texas A&M has only had two “great first-round players” since 1995 in a talent-rich state, and he called the Aggies a “flaky program” with respect to their history of transfers.

That may be opinion, but he also listed some stats that back up his case, including that the Aggies have only had one double-digit winning season since 1998 and have only finished with a top-25 ranking three times in 17 years.

Cowherd said that the Aggies’ disappointment is rooted in continual high expectation, stating, “Texas A&M should be a top-10 program every stinkin’ year, and they’re never a top-10 program.”

Though there are certainly some factual data points to the Aggies recent late-season collapses, Cowherd, master of headline-grabbing, took some liberties with the information, with such statements as “the culture is off” and “they’re no better than Arkansas.”

Looks like Cowherd will have to hide if he comes to College Station anytime soon.