No one knows for sure whether or not the COVID-19 outbreak will cause the 2020 college football season to be canceled.

However, if the pandemic isn’t taken seriously, there’s a chance colleges across the country could be short on money if the football season doesn’t happen.

So, what’s a realistic timeline to make a decision on the season? Texas A&M AD Ross Bjork joined “The Paul Finebaum Show” on Tuesday and shared his thoughts on where things stand:

“We don’t know exactly where things are going to be in 5 months,” Bjork said. “We don’t know exactly where things will be, let’s say on June 1. I believe, based on all the things that I’ve read, based on the folks I’ve talked to here on our campus who are medical experts. … Based on things, we’re all reading things across the country, I think the next 30-45 days are very critical to see where we’ll be in the summertime. So I think it’s way too early to be talking doom and gloom about the fall. I think we can always plan and we can operationalize and have contingencies. We’ve heard Commissioner (Greg) Sankey talk about that. I really believe that if we follow the data, follow the science, follow the social distancing of April 30 and see where this country is, that perhaps we can start to bend that curve like they keep talking about.”

Hopefully, everything goes well and we can have a season. We’ll find out over the next couple of months if things are trending in the right direction.