The Nick Saban-Jimbo Fisher feud has inspired several great reactions. But a piece of art from a Texas A&M alumnus may be the most unique.

Trey Stephens, Aggie class of 2008, created a Norman Rockwell-inspired piece called “Outside the Commissioner’s Office,” and here’s how he described the inspiration on Instagram.

This is what happens when you don’t have photoshop but you can draw pretty good and want to make your friends laugh…. In light of this weeks drama between Saban and my beloved Texas Aggie Football Team lead by Head Coach Jimbo Fisher, I decided to draw a little picture for ya ags. I hope you like it

Thanks and gig ‘em!
-Trey Stephens ‘08

Tip of the hat to Norman Rockwell for inspiring me and so many others.
This is based on his masterpiece “Outside the Principal’s Office”.


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Saban and Fisher drew national headlines and a wave of media attention on Wednesday night and Thursday morning for their comments about name, image and likeness and how players are compensated in today’s college football. Greg Sankey, the SEC commissioner, also became part of the story when he publicly reprimanded both coaches for unsportsmanlike behavior and a violation of SEC bylaws.