Texas A&M may have gotten blown out in its regular-season finale vs. LSU, but it’s not a loss it quickly wants to forget. The Aggies want to learn from that experience.

In fact, they’re even using the score of that game — 50-7 — as the code to get into the locker rooms and football building on their campus, according to junior wide receiver Jhamon Ausbon.

“We’re definitely going to keep that LSU taste in our mouth so we can come back hungry,” Ausbon said, according to Robert Cessna of the Bryan-College Station Eagle. “It’s all around our locker rooms. The score’s the code to get in our locker rooms and our building. It’s hard not to think about it, and so that’s the goal: We want everybody to remember that and keep that taste in our mouth.”

Texas A&M went 7-5 during the regular season, with all five of its losses coming against top-ranked teams. The Aggies lost to No. 1 LSU, No. 3 Clemson, No. 5 Georgia, No. 12 Auburn and No. 13 Alabama.

But none were as lopsided as that final loss to LSU in Baton Rouge, La. And that’s what the Aggies will be thinking about when they return next year trying to produce better results.

First, Texas A&M has one more game this season. It is set to face Oklahoma State in the Texas Bowl on Friday at 6:45 p.m. ET on ESPN.