They weren’t his decisions to make, but Christian Kirk is presumably happy with major changes the Arizona Cardinals have made this offseason. Kliff Kingsbury is the team’s new head coach and Kyler Murray will likely be the team’s starting quarterback this fall. For Kirk, the college connection he shares with his coach and QB is helping to make for a smooth transition with the team’s new offense.

Kirk had not yet made it to College Station when Kingsbury was Texas A&M’s offensive coordinator in 2012, but their Aggies days were both during Kevin Sumlin’s tenure, which seems to be helping the wide receiver pick up Arizona’s new offense.

“Kirk has a good feel for it as well, I’d say,” Kingsbury recently told reporters.

The Kirk-Murray connection is stronger, as both were members of the 2015 Texas A&M team.

“Some of the terminology and concepts are really similar to what they’ve both done before,” Kingsbury said.