Late in the fourth quarter with Texas A&M leading LSU 24-20, 2 controversial no-calls happened that changed the outcome of the game.

With 2 minutes left in the game, LSU’s Josh Palmer received the punt from Nik Constantinou. Palmer ended up returning the punt for a 2-yard loss. LSU also suffered a 15-yard penalty for an illegal block.

Lost in the chaotic moment, however, was a controversial no-call that would have given the Aggies the ball back. Palmer had the ball stripped on the punt return before the officials blew the play dead. That would have given Texas A&M the ball and the ability to run out the clock for the win. Instead, LSU retained possession and went on an 85-yard game-winning drive.

One can clearly see the ball taken away from Palmer and the whistles came after the strip.

If that wasn’t enough, TAMU fans were also frustrated that LSU wide receiver Jaray Jenkins appeared to commit offensive pass interference when catching the game-winning touchdown.

Reactions were not kind to the SEC officiating crew.