After shock comes acceptance. That’s where most of the traumatized in Aggieland should be by now after Saturday’s embarrassing 26-22 loss at home to a Mississippi State team that many believe represents the bottom of the SEC West. Well, it looks like there may be a new bottom feeder to gawk at.

It’s time to accept the fact that this isn’t the year … again. Mostly the realization doesn’t set in until much later in the year. This one is a little different in that what has become the inevitable, no matter how much money the administration is willing to spend, is being made crystal clear before the leaves have even had a chance to turn.

You’d think this would get easier with the many seasons of experience, but no matter how many times the same scenario plays out, the pain doesn’t seem to lessen any.

Jimbo Fisher was brought in, at a price tag that boggles the mind, to change the narrative. A much sought-after head coach with a national championship on his résumé, Fisher would flip the script. He was supposed to change all that. But guess what, love isn’t the only thing money can’t buy.

Yes, chalk this up as another lost season. Another year without a championship, of any kind; not on a national level, not on a conference level, not on a division level. It’s the same old song, different verse but even more expensive.

The reasons are many, injuries playing a big part. A second-string quarterback, freshmen along the offensive line, an overrated defense, all adding up to a season that has gone from Playoff expectations to Texas Bowl hopefuls.

Weren’t we supposed to have the second coming of Jameis Winston in College Station by now? Wasn’t that part of the fine print in Fisher’s outlandish contract? Should have been if it wasn’t. But if you think about it, why would any self-respecting Heisman-type talent play for Fisher and put up with what his quarterbacks must endure game after game.

Every series you come off the field to catch the wrath of your head coach? Who needs that? Not sure how Fisher can imagine a quarterback can grow and feel comfortable when he is scrutinized and berated for every move and every decision he makes?

Kind of gives a person pause for their disdain toward Kellen Mond, who for 4 years put up with it. Looking back now, in comparison, he doesn’t seem at all to have been that bad of a quarterback. I mean, the Vikings are taking a chance on him. That has to say something.

And, hey, Jimbo, try coaching the guy during the week. If you’re waiting until Saturday to micromanage every breath he takes, you’re doing it wrong.

Now let’s not end this article on a sour note. Let’s pump a little sunshine into what has heretofore been nothing short of a disastrous season.

Here goes … as bad as it’s been, the silver lining to this season is that it’s still early. We haven’t even reached the halfway point. That means there’s a lot of football left to play and a lot of opportunities to do some good things. And that starts Saturday at Kyle Field where Alabama comes to visit.

Fresh off a 21-point thumping of Ole Miss, the top-ranked Tide should be at least a 3-touchdown favorite over the hapless Aggies, right? Well, Vegas isn’t seeing it that way. They have installed Alabama as only a 14.5-point favorite. What does that say? Are they telling us that they think the Aggies have a chance? It’s their business to know these things, so I’ll trust that they know what they’re doing.

At 14.5 points, that tells me the door is open for a major upset. So, if Fisher and the Aggies want to turn this season around, here’s their chance.