During what is likely one of the most hectic periods of his life, former Texas A&M star Myles Garrett is still keeping perspective on things.

Garrett is one of four finalists for the Rotary Lombardi Award, which is given to the player “best exemplifying the discipline, virtue and wisdom that defined Vince Lombardi’s exceptional brand of leadership.”

On Friday, Garrett spent several hours demonstrating the type of character that has him in the running for the Lombardi Award in the first place. The former Aggie visited M.D. Anderson and Texas Children’s Hospital to spend time with young cancer patients and try to brighten their day, according to the Houston Chronicle.

“All of these things they’re going through, and they still have smiles on their faces,” Garrett told the Houston Chronicle. “No matter how tough football gets, you’ll never know how hard what it is they’re going through, and how strong they are every single day.”

The Lombardi award will be presented on Saturday in Houston, and Garrett is in the mix along with Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson, Alabama defensive end Jonathan Allen and Michigan linebacker Jabrill Peppers.