The potential move of Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC has caused some lawmakers in Texas to file legislation to block such a move.

On Friday, more than 30 Texas lawmakers, some of who represent areas with Big XII schools, filed a bill to require legislative approval of conference realignment, CBS Austin reported. The bill is spearheaded by Rep. Dustin Burrows of Lubbock.

There’s another bill filed by Sen. Brian Birdwell and other legislators who graduated from any number of schools, or represent areas besides the University of Texas, throughout the state.

In a Facebook post about SB 76, Birdwell wrote in part, “Such a move would negatively impact other Big 12 schools in our state like Baylor, TCU, and Texas Tech. These schools and their surrounding communities heavily depend on the financial income that BIG 12 football provides. Without a significant player like Texas, along with the possible departure of OU, the Big 12 becomes a less favorable conference, effectively losing a substantial amount of viewership and attendance.”