Moving to the SEC is expected to cost Texas and Oklahoma hefty buyout fee

If the Big 12 is going to lose both Texas and Oklahoma, the league is going to demand payment for losing its two biggest schools.

According to Big 12 bylaws, that’s exactly what will happen as the conference has what’s known as “Grant of Rights agreements” that demand money that the league would have made be paid by any school that leaves the conference.

“There is a recognition that institutions may act in their own self-interest, however there is an expectation that members adhere to Conference bylaws and the enforcement of Grant of Rights agreements.”

ESPN is reporting

that Big 12 teams made close to $38 million last season, double that up and Texas and Oklahoma would owe around $76 m

illion to the Big 12 to leave.

That’s a hefty buyout fee but one each school is likely very willing to pay in order to secure their futures in the SEC.

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  • Drop in the bucket for Texas, but it's hefty for Oklahoma. I wonder if big brother is going to pay part of little brother's fee.

    • Do you realistically think after all this that they will play in the Big 12 for 4 more years? Talk about awkward. They’ll pay the fee and be in the SEC no later than 2023, 2022 at the earliest.

        • Yes, and they have deep enough pockets to pay and get out of that.

          Also, if a certain amount of teams end up leaving the Big 12 (Kansas to Big ten, Tech to Pac 12, etc.) the Grant of Rights that Texas and OU are tied to until 2025 would most likely be nullified.

        • Gosh. That’s not how this works at all. Last year, every school made 38 million from those rights. Fox is going to sue both for lost value and breach of contract. Those other eight schools are going to get their money. ESPN will cooperate. Fox will not.

        • But if there is no Big 12 to speak of, how is their a contract between the Big 12 and Fox???

          I’m not making this up. You can go find it for yourself. If enough teams end up leaving the Big 12 then that GoR holding Texas/OU to 2025 most likely blows up

        • There is literally an article on this website stating that college football insiders could see them joining the SEC by 2022. Lawyers will get involved to create some kind of settlement.

        • That’s called speculation. Those aren’t facts. The folks in the Big 12 are in a position of strength here. If they let the schools off the hook for payment in full, that’s on them. Texas and OU are just begging and pleading now.

        • Again, there are multiple avenues for Texas and OU to play in the SEC next year or 2023. That is a fact.

          If you can’t see that or refuse to accept it then that’s on you.

        • There clearly aren’t multiple avenues. There is one, and that is agreeing to a settlement with the Big 12 and Fox.

  • As long as they get in before the ESPN money starts rolling in, it'll be worth it. Next stop Clemson and FSU.

  • I trust Texas & Oklahoma not to be trustworthy. Although they're saying they won't move until 2025, I wouldn't be surprised if they're hoping the Big 12 dissolves or merges, in effect rendering it non-existent. If there's no Big 12, they will likely claim they now owe nothing.

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Michael Wayne Bratton

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