In a campus-wide vote held Wednesday, Texas students voted 96.71 percent in favor of reinstating the rivalry game against Texas A&M, according to The Battalion.

A total of 7,764 votes were cast, and over 7,500 students voted in favor of it.

It’s been five full seasons since Texas A&M vs. Texas has taken place, and after the 2011 season, the rivalry was stopped. And it’s a shame for college football.

New Texas Student Body President Alejandrina Guzman and Vice President Micky Wolf pushed the vote. The following email was sent out informing the students of the vote.

“For generations, UT students enjoyed the Texas v. Texas A&M Rivalry game before it was stopped in 2011,” Guzman and Wolf wrote in a student-wide email sent Tuesday. “Now, you have an opportunity to help bring it back.”

According to the report, the next step for the members of student government  is to launch a campaign “Reinstate the Rivalry” to help the game return for good.