Jimbo Fisher made a declarative statement this week about his desire to stay at Texas A&M, and not go to LSU, and pointed to the Aggies strong recruiting class. Fisher said he’s be the “dumbest human being on God’s earth to recruit all these guys to A&M so I can go across over here (to LSU) and go play against them.”

On Tuesday, ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption” co-hosts Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon dissected Fisher’s statement, and the chances he could take the job at LSU.

“If I was a booster at LSU, I wouldn’t pay attention to those quotes,” Kornheiser said. “And I’d go through the following things: He’s got history at LSU, he coached there under Nick Saban, he’s already left one place for a lot more money some place else. He left Florida State, Mike, where he left a national championship, and he took the money at A&M and as you say, the guy that hired him at A&M and gave him all that money is now poised to give him a lot of money at LSU. Can anybody not look at 2 and 2 and see that it equals 4.”

Kornheiser said the message from Scott Woodward at LSU is simple: “Come home.”

As far as the great recruiting class, Kornheiser said, “I’ve got 2 words for you: transfer portal.”

Wilbon countered that he doesn’t know Fisher, or what’s important to him.

“Sometimes when you know people, and you know they have moved before, and you know they have wanderlust, and you know they’re always looking for a greener pasture, or they just get bored,” Wilbon said. “Some people just get bored, and they love where they are. I don’t know that about Jimbo Fisher.”

Wilbon said Fisher may love A&M, and he’s not ready to lump him with other coaches who may move in a similar situation.

“Maybe Tony, he believes his best shot at becoming what they have at Alabama, and what they have at LSU, is sticking with this group of kids he’s recruited at A&M and doing it there and maybe that’s his motivation,” Wilbon said.